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Monday, April 2, 2007

Blondie The Comic Strip

Nathan decided to have breakfast in the kitchen with the rest of the family. All of Bran's siblings went home late the night before, except for Keith, who, after checking Nate over and finding his heart rate elevated, decided to stay, just in case. Grandma and Grandpa Taylor opted to go home, but Dean and Gale stayed. Nate had a feeling that as long as his parents occupied one of Bran's guest rooms, Dean and Gale would be close by.

"I don't know." she giggled, "This is by far, the most challenging thing we've come up with."

"80 pounds!" Diane said amazed, "I am totally impressed Audrey! I am sure you have guys hitting on you left and right now."

I slowly start to bend down so that I am squatting over you, and you push me down on top of you as far as I will go. You pull my legs out flat and push yourself into me so far that it almost hurts. Ah, that fine line between pleasure and pain.

Finally they were safely inside.

I couldn't move my head at all as Agnes took over. Her hips swayed, grinding her vagina over my face. Soon she was bucking hard and squeezing tighter. I thought I was going to lose consciousness when suddenly her bodied stiffened as the orgasm spread through her body. Then she went limp. I looked up to see the beautiful Scandinavian visage fully relaxed, heavy lidded as if intoxicated. Stray hairs were plastered against her forehead.

I glanced down and saw that my breasts were indeed exposed. I raised my hands to cup them and the young man went on, "I've got a beach robe over there with my gear, I'll get it."

Pat! I want you to remember last week when you said you would take care of me. Well now, you're going to get a chance to take good care of me.

After receiving no response "I don't have to take this. I am leaving".

"You're so pretty, Jessica, so beautiful." The mother kissed her daughter's belly, her face nestling in the soft heat, the mouth drooling and the tongue licking while she studied the mound that rose between her daughter's legs. It was such a pretty mound, red and delicate, the panties only hinting at what they hid, the juices of love and the scent of anticipation and then she smelled it, the sex in the air, it washed over the mother like a delicate wave, it smelled so like her own, so like her own that the fragrance drew her mouth along the belly, across the panty to suck on the wet heat of her daughter's sex, to suck in her flowing juices, to breath in her pungent scent, the intoxicating odor of her sexuality and then she lost all control and tore at the panties, just as her daughter had torn at her dress, and she buried her face in her daughter's pink gash and pushed her tongue into every crevice, every exquisite crevice of her cunt while all the time drinking and sucking and smelling, particularly smelling, inhaling her daughter, sucking in her sexy stink through a nose wet with juices, and then the orgasm she didn't want hit her, feeble and limp but enough to break the moment and she lay down, with her face in her daughter's crotch and she rested, happy, the cum on her lips and the scent in her nose, so familiar, the signal for sleep.

"Well I didn't know you, then."

"Say I try to seduce him and succeed. We'd probably go to his hotel, right?" Jana nodded. "Well, if the lights were off, he wouldn't know one pussy from the other, would he?"

That seemed to get me out of jail for the time being as they all said thank you and picked up a glass and started drinking and chatting about how they fit. Maggie walked into the pool first and swam slow and easy with Jan and Lyn close behind. They stayed in the pool while I BBQ'D some fish that Laylani had left.

Judging carefully in the darkened room, he reached higher, touching a face, feeling long hair spilling out over him. He let his fingers play across her face for a few minutes, gently touching the soft skin, then pulled her face close to his.

Carol arched an exquisitely shaped eyebrow: "That means there was something."

Chapter 3

Love didn't have anything to do with it.

"Lick my ass, you cum slut."

Donavan nodded and turned his attention back to the road. He had a feeling as well. It had been to long since he and Harriett had been out on the prowl. They both needed a new play toy and Harriett suggested they hit the highway, some lonely hitchhiker, so easy to pick up. And who wouldn't accept a ride from them. Both were dressed in conservative clothing. Nothing untold about there appearance. Just another happy couple out for a pleasant drive.

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